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Job Description

The Institutional Partnership Expert contributes to deliver Save the Children Italy’s institutional partnership and fundraising strategy for International Programs. In close coordination with Institutional Partnership Senior officer and under the supervision of the Head of Institutional Partnerships team, the Institutional Partnership Expert contributes to the following key areas:



Resource Mobilization

  • Explore and analyse funding opportunities disseminating relevant information as appropriate both internally and at Country Office level
  • Actively monitoring and screening funding opportunities in selected Country Offices/regions and as needed
  • Facilitate pre-positioning and coordination with other SC Members ahead of opportunity publication
  • Coordinate the process of evaluation and decision making on funding opportunities both internally and with the Country Office

Donor engagement & capacity building

  • Engaging with donors at Country, Regional and HQs level in coordination with Institutional Partnership Senior Officer and other functions as planned and needed
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring donor engagement plans, in coordination with relevant SC Italy departments, targeted Country offices and other relevant SC Members
  • Providing inductions/webinars to COs on the relevant donor he/she is in charge of
  • Sharing information, briefings and guidance to COs on donor trends and donor engagement strategies
  • Designing and delivering donor engagement workshops to priority COs and/or provide in-country support
  • Liaising with potential partners, as appropriate

Internal coordination

  • Represent SC Italy in relevant partnership/donor groups collecting inputs and reporting back to relevant SC Italy Department
  • Directly contribute to funding opportunity allocation processes and represent SC Italy in discussions and negotiations with other SC Members where relevant
  • Contribute to the development of donor specific materials and info pages


Data collection, analysis, strategies & procedures

  • Collecting, analysing and reporting data and information on donor trends and priorities
  • Liaising with relevant departments within SC IT and SCI in order to collect their inputs and report to relevant coordination and management structures
  • Contributing to the development of SC Italy partnership and fundraising strategies with key donors
  • Contributing to the development of the Business Development Department Strategy and participating to internal task forces according to the needs
  • Contribute to the regular update of SC Italy internal data collection systems/files/platforms

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