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Haiti is a fragile and vulnerable State because of a sum of factors such as historical national political instability and corruption, natural disasters and geopolitical isolation.

In the last eight years, after the earthquake, sudden climatic shocks (droughts, tropical storms and hurricanes) forced the population to live in extremely vulnerable conditions.

The poverty headcount ratio at a national level is 58.5% and the majority of population lives in malnutrition (53%).

Currently the country is going through a strong economic and political crisis that generates tensions and demonstrations throughout the country, aggravating the conditions of poverty in which the majority of the population is affected.

Cesvi started its humanitarian actions in Haiti in 2009, with the general objective to reduce vulnerabilities in rural and marginalized areas, through multi-donors and multi-sector intervention on education, protection, food security and livelihoods.

Currently actions are concentrated in two areas of Haiti: Port-au-Prince (PAP) and Les Cayes.

The project portfolio consists in 3 mains projects in Les Cayes:

  1. In consortium with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Caritas Haiti-Jérémie,  “Pestel and Corail resilience” project  contributes to the reduction of food and nutrition insecurity of the vulnerable subjects in the affected area and to improve through structural actions the population’s resilience towards these chronic problems.

In order to achieve the objective CRS, Cesvi and Caritas Haiti-Jérémie work on three interrelated factors:

  • the farmers ability to manage natural resources and to produce in a lasting and resilient way in order to generate a balanced diet and to increase their incomes
  • strengthening the inputs and seeds supply system and the facilitation of access to finance services and markets
  • the ability of the authorities and the other key actors to support and implement the construction of resilience on a regional, national and local level, through structural organization
  1. The Echo Project is an immediate response to food needs of vulnerable families, not only during the gap period between the winter and spring agricultural season, but also before the identified hunger gap, in order to prevent the worsening of their vulnerability.
  2. Economic empowerment of women involved in agricultural production and/or processing and strengthening their capacity to cope with climate change financed by UN Women through

Cocoa and agro-silver activities Cesvi collaborate directly with AYITIKA S.A. for technical training and also for the cre.

In Port au Prince, Cesvi works with a local partner in supporting the House of Smile project, a special initiative dedicated to children and families for their wellbeing and education.


The Organization’s representative office is in Port-au-Prince, a strategic gateway to donors and institutions.

The Head of Mission will be based in the Capital and will be required to plan periodic missions in Les Cayes to supervise and monitor programme development and project staff.

TO APPLY PLEASE VISIT: https://www.cesvi.org/jobs/head-of-mission-haiti-2/

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