General Director – MSF Italy

Tempo det. Medici Senza Frontiere in Direttore
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  • Esperienza Più di 10 Anni
  • Livello Professionale Senior
  • Causa Cooperazione internazionaleEmergenze, catastrofi e Protezione civile
  • Titolo di studio Laurea

Job Description

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a leading international independent medical humanitarian organisation, dedicated to providing expert medical relief to vulnerable populations at times of conflict or disaster. In over 71 countries worldwide, MSF provides both life-saving emergency relief and longer-term assistance to make basic healthcare services available to the most vulnerable or excluded communities.

The Italian section of MSF contributes to the International MSF movement through human resources, fundraising, communication, support to field operations and programmes.
Scope, reporting and accountability lines

The General Director (GD) of MSF Italy is responsible for strategically steering and developing MSF Italy as an organisation, whilst ensuring high contribution of the organisation to the medical humanitarian work of MSF.

S/he leads the Directors of the different departments of MSF IT.
SS/he guarantees the implementation of the necessary activities to develop and achieve the goals of MSF Italy as delegated by the General Assembly through the Board of Directors, and through direct and permanent relation with the President of the Association, according to MSF Italy statute and Internal Rules.


Main responsibilities

  • Develops strategies and directs their implementation, following MSF International social mission, as guided by its Charter, Chantilly, La Mancha, and additional agreements.
  •  Ensures that MSF Italy adheres to MSF core values and principles and that MSF field activities are the focus of MSF Italy work.
  • Ensures the effective, efficient, and ethical management of MSF Italy financial and human resources, assuring its economic and political independence.
  • The GD is accountable to the Board of Directors (BoD) and has direct and permanent relation with the President of the Association.
  • Actively represents MSF Italy in international and national meetings, among Governmental and Diplomatic bodies and other NGOs and institutions, as well as to MSF donors.


General Direction

  • Is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of the Directors of the Departments, the work of their departments and the management of their staff.
  • Chairs the Management Team (i.e., team composed of the Directors of the departments), leads the development of collective and shared decisions among the Departments, prepares and follows the implementation of the internal policies.
  • Plans and implements MSF Italy strategies, policies and procedures and acts as intermediary between the BoD and the executive body.
  • Guides and oversees the implementation of the Annual Plan, the annual budget and the Strategic Plan, and submits them to the BoD for ultimate approval.
  • Bears legal responsibility for legal and financial agreements, as stated on MSF Italy Internal Rules.
  • Attends regularly scheduled staff meetings and office-wide debates to participate in information sharing across all departments, and to keep staff informed on important MSF topics.
  • Acts, in co-ordination with the President of the BoD, as MSF Italy official spokesperson and ensures that this function is delegated, encouraged and assisted among other members of the BoD, office, Association and Local Groups.
  • Represents MSF to external contacts, including senior representatives of the media, policy makers, Government Officials, diplomatic representations and other NGOs regarding complex and/or sensitive subjects.
  • Represents MSF Italy in meetings and act as a spokesperson in various platforms with other Italian NGOs, Government, Institutions, Community groups, Academia, Companies, Major Donors, Satellite groups and during Associative events.
  • Oversees the alignment of the volunteers’ initiatives s with the strategic plans of MSF Italy and its statute.



  • Regularly reports to the BoD about the organization’s performance and the progress of activities throughout the year.
  • Supports the BoD in building and strengthening the associative dimension of MSF Italy in accordance with the principles of MSF.
  • Provides the BoD with necessary documentation and reporting for the follow-up of executive activities and performance/results.
  • Collaborates with the President of the BoD to prepare appropriate agendas to facilitate the work of the BoD.
  • Stimulates debate to ensure the BoD active participation in MSF International themes and dossiers.
  • Works closely with the BoD to periodically review and redirect the strategic orientations of MSF Italy.
  • Collaborates with the BoD and the Association Coordinator to encourage the participation in MSF Italy Association.
  • Works closely with the BoD and the Association Coordinator to develop and implement an agenda for the annual General Assembly.
  • Supervises for all administrative matters the Association Coordinator as his/her hierarchical referent.


International agenda

  • Guarantees MSF Italy involvement in and contribution to the International Movement of MSF.
  • Represents MSF Italy to the MSF network through interaction with the Operational Directorates, the field, the Access Campaign, the International Office and the platform of the General Directors of all MSF sections, and participates thereby in defining MSF stances, strategies and activities.
  • Guarantees effective and efficient resources contribution and participation in MSF Movement.
  • Participates and contributes to the development of MSF International management platform, setting responsibilities and internal dynamics.
  • Represents and actively carries MSF Italy views and perspectives to the Operational Centres, various executive platforms and in MSF International debates.
  • Contributes to the assessment, implementation and evaluation of the operational projects of OCB considering the recentralization initiative of MSF and participates in OCB strategic platforms.
  • Participates in other OCs strategic platforms.
  • Proactively engages in relevant international working groups emanating from executive platforms.
  • Participates in key strategic operational moments and actively contributes to the reflection and critical analysis about medical and humanitarian challenges, stakes and practices of MSF.
  • Ensures adequate flow of information between the OCB management team and MSF Italy Management Team and towards OCB executive and associative platforms.
  • Is responsible for the delivery of MSF Italy associative commitments to the OCB operations in collaboration with the Management Team.

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