Job description

We are looking for an Accountancy and Finance Reporting Specialist for the St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor (LH), Gulu (Uganda)

Lacor Hospital has about 250,000 patients a year, schools (about 750 students, out of which 500 students reside in the Hospital), a logistic office in Kampala, residences for about 300 employees in the Hospital with their families.  It has about 700 employees total.

The candidate will be employed by Fondazione Corti with an Italian contract and deployed to Lacor Hospital as Accounting and Finance Coordinator in the framework of the Foundation’s technical assistance to Lacor Hospital.

The place of work  will be Lacor Hospital and full time residence in the Hospital is required.

Contract conditions will be defined depending on candidate experience and adequate training and probation period on the job (6 months) is forecasted.

The person will be gradually introduced to the role, having a Finance and Administration tutor in Fondazione Corti, reporting to the Institutional Director of the Hospital and will develop his responsibility of managing Accounting, Finance and Administration at St. Mary’s Hospital.


Basic Requirements:

  • has very good knowledge of accounting, accrual accounting as well as of financial and administrative procedures
  • has good leadership and team working skills
  • is highly committed to work in a Developing Country and in a low resource setting
  • very good knowledge of English, both written and spoken

Preferential elements are:

  • degree in accounting, management or equivalent,
  • experience with last generation accounting software (Navision, SAP, oths ERPs),
  • experience with the preparation of externally audited end of the year Financial Report.
  • experience with International Accounting Standards (IAS, IFRS, GAAPs)
  • experience in cost analysis by cost centres or projects
  • experience in procurement and managing stores

As regards aptitudes and managing styles it is necessary to behave highly ethically, to always keep calm and a polite approach even in stressful situations, an hands-on aptitude, be capable of leading by example, reinforce team building through regular general and specific area meetings. It is further necessary to have the ability to adapt to different cultures and habits, showing a high respect for people, but at the same time pursuing the objective of consolidating and improving the Hospital administrative management.

To apply to the opportunity send your cv, letter of motivation with your salary level to [email protected] 

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Founded in 1993, our purpose is to support and assist St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, located in Gulu, northern Uganda.
In 1993, the Fondazione Corti was founded in Milan. The Foundation is not-for-profit and its purpose is to support the St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor in Gulu, Uganda, both financially and with technical-logistical assistance. The Foundation was created through the will of physicians Piero Corti e Lucille Teasdale, who through 40 years of work managed and developed the hospital, transforming it from a small missionary hospital into the largest not-for-profit hospital in equatorial Africa.

Today the Foundation is the Hospital’s biggest supporter. Guiding the work is Piero and Lucille’s daughter, Dominique, whose ongoing search for funds, goods, and skills continues to make possible the objective to which her parents dedicated their entire lives: Giving the people of Uganda a universally accessible hospital and the ability to build their own tomorrow.