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Job Description

As part of the humanitarian ambition and 2030 global strategy, the Italian Relief Corp of the Order of Malta – C.I.S.O.M. is developing and implementing a new activity for which is willing to provide an efficient deployment of high quality medical staff in order to support the activities on the field.

The attention to the disadvantage People health status is a fundamental component of our goal and C.I.S.O.M. aims to ensure high quality and timely responses to the health problems of the indigent population living in critical scenarios.

General description of the role

With the increasingly development of international cooperation projects focused on the empowerment of the medical responsiveness in disadvantaged contexts, the Italian Relief Corp is seeking Gynaecological Doctors. The figures will provide dedicated medical support in the project activities on the field. The primary responsibility of the Gynaecologist is to provide inpatient and outpatient obstetric services in a humanitarian crisis setting. The Gynaecologist will be employed in Hospital or first aid structures, ensuring adherence to clinical protocols and the delivery of high quality compassionate clinical care.  The GYN will provide direct clinical screenings and cares, working in close collaboration with international and national staff, under the supervision of both the Project Coordinator and the Health Coordinator on the field. The GYN is expected to practice independently in their specialist area and to be able to work unsupervised.

Key activities will include 

  • Performance of medical screening to pregnant or non-pregnant women.
  • Assisting and supervising normal or caesarean deliveries.
  • Provide medical cares, administration of drugs and vaccinations for women and new born.
  • Recognition and management of common obstetric complications.
  • Post-operative follow-up in conjunction with an anaesthetist and midwifery team.
  • Provide technical support and assistance in the development and maintenance of tools, guidelines, monitoring and surveillance tools and datasets.
  • Provide technical support with the production of internal and external reports and evaluations.

General Requirements:

  • Copy of the Passport, valid for at least 1 year from the submission of the application.
  • Copy of the Medical Degree and Specialisation Certificate.
  • Copy of the registration number in the Professional Register of the Country of Origin.
  • Curriculum Vitae updated to the last activity performed.
  • Copy of language certification, if any, or self-certification on Spanish knowledge.
  • Further certifications attesting previous experiences in health and emergency contexts will be considered an asset.
  • Any specialisation or professional certificate in infectious and tropical diseases will be considered an asset.

Period and duration of availability to the work activity proposed.

 In order to be successful you will bring/have: 

  • At least 5 years’ post-graduation experience in relevant speciality of which a period should be in a medical setting in a developing Country experience or resource deprived environment.
  • Previous experience of managing obstetric complications often associated with humanitarian emergencies e.g. management of infectious diseases in pregnancy.
  • Familiar with the Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) for reproductive health in humanitarian settings.
  • Ability to relate to and motivate local staff effectively.
  • The knowledge of the English language will be considered an asset.
  • Politically and culturally sensitive with qualities of patience, tact and diplomacy for the institutional or operational relationships related to the figure.
  • The capacity and willingness to be extremely flexible and accommodating in difficult and sometimes insecure working circumstances.
  • Excellent self-motivation skills.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions independently under difficult conditions.
  • Ability to work with limited resources.
  • Previous experience of NGO work in humanitarian settings and disadvantage contexts.

Application Information:

Please send your application to the address [email protected] attaching all the documents required in the “General Requirements” section. All employees are expected to carry out their duties in accordance with our global anti-harassment policy.

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