Job description

GloRe certification Network is a Capacity Building project approved by the Erasmus+ Programme. The aims of this project are to boost the development of an informal network of organizations that use the GloRe Certificate System and to increase the quality of the certification System itself.

The consortium will create:

  • e-learning modules to support international volunteers during their whole experience: modules on Pre-departure, Arrival, Ongoing Evaluation, Final Evaluation and re-Integration,
  • e-learning modules addressing volunteers on the creation of certificates in autonomy,
  • e-learning modules to train new organizations willing to join The GloRe Network,
  • an updated system aimed at the creation of the GloRe Certificates and at the assessment of the soft skills to be certified.

The international meetings in which the Recognition Expert will participate are listed below:

  • Kick off meeting (Italy), 19rd-26th of June 2019.
  • GCS Development Seminar & TOT (Portugal), 18th-26th of September 2019;
  • Feedback and development seminar (Mexico), 9th-16th of January 2020;
  • Final Evaluation (Colombia), 10th–16th of July 2020.

Job purpose:

  1. To revise the Soft Skills Framework developed in the previous project, starting from the collected feedbacks and from other good practices published by the European Union and other NGOs;
  2. To support the development of the e-learning content and modules described above, supervising their quality and usability. We expect to create between 6 and 10 modules for a total of 30 hours of classes for each of the 4 types of e-learning listed above. Consider that several modules will be the same for the 4 types of modules;
  3. To modify the Soft Skills Framework and the e-learning modules according to the feedbacks provided in A3, A4 and A5.

All jobs will be managed in cooperation with the Web Developer, the e-Learning Specialist and the General Project Manager.

The Recognition Expert should have:

  • Experience in the production of certifications for non-profit sector and/or in the validation of skills acquired in non-formal education settings (e.g volunteering etc…)
  • Knowledge of most popular European Skills certificates (e.g. Youthpass, Europass etc…)
  • Knowledge of e-learning strategies;
  • Experience in using story boarding for content creation of e-learning courses;
  • Knowledge of national and European norms concerning e-learning;
  • familiarity with instructional design principles to be adapted to the project’s objectives;
  • Disposition to participate in person in all the meetings described above;
  • The possibility to participate to at least one conference call before each international meeting;
  • Ability to communicate in a clear, concise and compelling manner to a wide range of audiences;
  • A good knowledge of English: at least B1 in speaking and understanding and at least B2 in writing;
  • A basic knowledge of Spanish: at least A1/A2
  • High proficiency in using Apple Mac and/or PC computers
  • Good time management ability and organizational skills
  • Ability to plan, schedule and meet deadlines
  • Be self-motivated, able to work under pressure and to prioritize effectively;
  • Ability to adapt to new intercultural context and to work in group.

Economic conditions:
6000 € is the budget we can allocate, so this amount is to be considered as gross. We will not cover any other cost related with the payment apart from bank transfers, for which we will share the cost.

60% of the amount will be transferred after the implementation of the points 1 and 2 of the Job purpose (December 2019); the remaining 40% after the changes as described in the point 3 of the Job purpose (August 2020).

Travel costs are covered up to the budget defined by Distance Calculator, food and accommodation for all international meetings will be covered by the project.

How to apply:

To apply for this position go to and send your candidacy with the following documents:

  • CV;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Link of outcomes of previous activities already implemented related with the job position.

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Info su Associazione di promozione sociale Joint

Associazione Joint è un’associazione di promozione sociale di Milano, attiva nel no-profit da quasi 15 anni, che offre opportunità di mobilità internazionale ed apprendimento in contesti non formali per i giovani. L’Associazione è specializzata in progetti relativi all’ educazione non formale e all’ apprendimento interculturale. Si rivolge ai ragazzi tra i 18 ed i 30 anni e segue percorsi pedagogici indirizzati agli studenti delle scuole superiori e alle fasce più deboli della società come i giovani con situazioni socio-economiche svantaggiate o disabilità motorie. Le attività principali dell’Associazione Joint sono legate al programma Erasmus+, creato dalla Direzione Istruzione e Cultura della Commissione Europea, il cui obiettivo è promuovere le opportunità di mobilità e mirare a migliorare le competenze dei giovani, delle organizzazioni e dei formatori. Erasmus+ finanzia il  Servizio Volontario Europeo (SVE), gli scambi europei, i corsi di formazione e le Capacity Building: si tratta del maggior programma pubblico presente in Italia che offre opportunità di apprendimento attraverso progetti di mobilità internazionale a costi estremamente contenuti e accessibili a tutti i giovani senza discriminazioni o requisiti di accesso.