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    Ashoka is on an audacious mission – to create a world where everyone is a changemaker i.e. a world where everyone has the agency and skills to make a positive change in their families or communities. It is only in such a world where the solutions will outrun our social problems.

    With its global network of over 3200 leading social entrepreneurs, 10,000 youth venturers, 100+ changemaker schools, and 30+ changemaker campuses – as well as a community of 20,000+ innovators on – Ashoka empowers young people with the skills to create and drive solutions for the good of all, and helps build and evolve enabling environments – schools, universities and organizations – to help them thrive in a world of constant change.

    Ashoka Changemakers is an Ashoka program that uses the power of open challenges and social innovation knowledge – coupled with Ashoka’s network of social entrepreneurs and impact partners – to connect high-potential changemakers in order to accelerate the rate of change for critical social issues.