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WeWorld is a non-profit non-governmental organization for development cooperation, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; we are independent, non-denominational and apolitical. Established in Milan in 1999, WeWorld works in Italy, Asia, Africa and Latin America to defend and promote the woman and child rights.

WeWorld collaborates with a network of other civil-society organizations to give the most vulnerable people a voice on the Italian and international political agenda, and we are involved in the main networks protecting children’s and women’s rights.

WeWorld adopts the approach of human rights as a conceptual and methodological basis for its actions. WeWorld works in seven countries in the development Countries in collaboration with local partners in supporting or implementing projects designed to: protect children, ensure their access to education, to ensure their health and that of their mothers, promote the participation of children, gender equality and women's rights. Education and health are priorities, so the projects are based on a sponsorship program, which is implemented in kindergartens and primary schools for pupils aged 4 to 8.

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    Fondazione We World Onlus
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    Fondazione We World Onlus
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